The list of items which are necessary to perform a specific pooja are called Pooja Materials or Pooja Samagri. In Hindu religion, there are number of pujas to perform and each pooja has its own list of Puja Material. Each and every pooja has its own consequence and require different Pooja Items though some Puja Samagri. Some Pooja iiems are common for every Puja like Haldi, Kumkum, chandan etc.

At® we provide all the details of Pooja Materials required for specific pooja for Specific God or Goddess. We designed number of Puja Material lists for different types of Poojas / Vrathas / Abhishekam etc as per devotees requirements. We can also arrange pooja samagri for your events if you are looking Pandit ji along with Pooja Material. You can simply download the samagri list by providing your event details.

You can download the Pooja Samagri at free of cost.

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