Online Astrology Consultation – Surya Vidya Dusi

All the below mentioned guidelines should follow from the Yajman side. If not followed, is not responsible for the connectivity issues, which might happen at the time of Online Consultation.

Primary things need to be take care:

  • Laptop, tablet, iPad is suggestible than Mobile. Also instead of Hotspot / Mobile Network, please use Good Internet Connection if possible.
  • Should have latest devices which support Zoom meeting & Install from Play Store/Web.
  • Should have proper Audio output such as Bluetooth Speakers / Sound Boxes.
  • Should have the Video Camera device minimum 2-3 feet distance far from you.
  • Take necessary precautions to avoid background noise such as traffic, house related sounds & TV etc.
  • If your video stuck at any point of time due to poor connectivity / low band width, requesting to rejoin again.
  • Please understand clearly what the Astrologer is suggesting. If you have any queries you can ask him in the Video call only.
  • If required, scribble your question before the consultation, that will help the to give proper answers.
  • All information provided by the Astrologer is the prevarication basis, based on Vedic Astrology.
  • Puja premises should be visible clearly to Pandit ji while performing the puja to guide properly.
  • Performing Pujas / Vedic Rituals based on Predictions is purely client specific.
  • Should ready with all necessary puja items 15-30mins before the puja start.
  • If the Online Astrology Consultation link not working properly, reach us @ 9908234595.

In case of any queries or clarifications, feel free to directly get in touch with us at: 9908234595 / 9908333463. You can reply to this message also or mail us on



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