Online Gruhapravesam – Goutham Bulusu-old

Intentionally we will not record your meeting unless, you ask us to record it.

All the below mentioned guidelines should follow from the Yajman side. If not followed, is not responsible for the connectivity issues, which might happen at the time of Online ePuja.

Primary things need to be take care:

  • Suggestible device: Laptop/Ipad
  • Suggestible connectivity: Wifi/Wired LAN Connection
  • Client should sit towards East direction.
  • Camera should be placed towards North direction(i.e client right hand side).
  • Camera should be placed 4-5 feet distance from the sitting position.
  • Camera should be placed minimum 1 feet height from the ground area.
  • The all above arrangements should be placed in a proper manner before join in to the puja.

  • Your Online ePuja will start 10-15mins before the scheduled time. And host will allow you to join in the Online ePuja.
  • Laptop, tablet, iPad is suggestible than Mobile. Also instead of Hotspot / Mobile Network, please use Good Internet Connection.
  • Should have latest devices which support Zoom meeting & Install from Play Store/Web.
  • Should have proper Audio output such as Bluetooth Speakers / Sound Boxes and device should be in landscape mode.
  • Should have the Video Camera device minimum 3-4 feet distance far from the Puja area.
  • Puja premises should be visible clearly to Pandit ji while performing the puja to guide properly.
  • By default should be in mute mode & can unmute yourself whenever required.
  • Take necessary precautions to avoid background noise such as traffic, house related sounds & TV etc.
  • If your video stuck at any point of time due to poor connectivity / low band width, requesting to rejoin again.
  • Should ready with all necessary puja items 15-30mins before the puja start.
  • Your meeting will be locked for security propose once the selected people joined in the Video call.
  • Your Online Video call will be recorded and recorded link will be shared with you and the link will be expired in 7days.
  • If the Online ePuja link not working properly, reach us @ 9908234595.

In case of any queries or clarifications, feel free to directly get in touch with us at: 9908234595 / 9908333463. You can reply to this message also or mail us on Item Details Qty
1 Turmeric powder 100 gms
2 Kumkuma powder 100 gms
3 Sandalwood powder 25 gms
4 Rangoli Powder (Rice flour) 25 gms
5 Akshata 50 gms
7 Camphor 20 tablets
8 Gangajal 25 ml
9 Betel nuts 50 gms(40-45pieces approx.)
10 One rupee coins 40
11 Pasupu kommulu 100 gms(35-40pieces approx.)
12 Dry khajur 150 gms(30-35 pieces approx.)
13 Blouse pieces 2 (Red & Green)
14 White towel small 2
15 Navadhanyalu 250 gms
16 Diya Pack
17 i. Seseme Oil 200 ml
18 “ii. Clay Pan ” 1 Small
19 iii. Akandam Vathi 1 large batti
20 Areca leaf bowls 6 pieces
21 Sambrani 1
22 Wicks / Batti 1 pack standard
23 Agarbathi sticks 1 packet large
24 Match Box 1
25 Cow & Calf Idol 1
26 Utti / Pumpkin Hanger 1
27 Gopanchakam 1
28 Thread Reel 1
29 Rice 2kg
30 Homam Samagri

1 Kg flowers, 5-8 Poola Mooralu (Small garlands for Photos), 5 coconuts,
2 dozen bananas, 50 betel leaves, Red & Green Pumpkins.”

“prasadam/sweetbox, photos, to boil the milk, Milk plate, bowl & spoons, lakshmi ganesh saraswati photo, satyanarayana swamy photo, plates, water, induction / gas stove, water,
silver puja articles if any.”

Rules & Regulations

  • Should take head bath.
  • Wear new / washed clothes.
  • Need to arrange all pooja material which are mentioned before the event start.
  • Make an arrangement to organize Puja in Ease / North / North-East direction(Recommended).
  • One should ready 30mins before the puja start with all the puja arrangements.

It is recommended to place your camera at your right hand side and make sure to visible your entire puja premises to the pandit ji at the time of Online ePuja.


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