Astottara Namas means 108 names of the god and goddess, the strength of this hymn existence that it uses words which are common and simple in nature but as the same time have a calm effect to the ears while reciting.

The hymn acclaim him as sarveshvara, the lord of everything and sadaashaanta, ever-peaceful. We have different Astottara namas mainly Ganesh, Durga Devi, Hanuman, Dattatreya, Sri Krishna, Shiva, Narsimha, etc., we provide Astottara nama pdf’s also.

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Ganesha Astottaram

Aanjaneya Astottaram

Dattatreya Astottaram

Durga Astottaram

Durga Lakshmi Saraswati Astottaram

Gayatri Astottaram

Sri Krishna Astottaram

Lakshmi Astottaram

Narasimha Astottaram

Sri Rama Astottaram

Saraswathi Astottaram

Satyanarayana Astottaram

Shiva Astottaram

Subrahmanya Astottaram

Sudarshana Astottaram

Varahi Astottaram

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