Mahurat Fixing Services for your Events

For every Event/Pooja most auspicious timing is Muhurth, most of them follows Subha Muhurtham for their work such as for Marriage, Name Ceremonies, Griha Pravesh, To Start a New Business, Buying a Vehicle, few of them wear the luckiest colour dress go to the certain work as per the Muhurth to be success. Our vedic pandits will suggest you the Muhurth for your events with our Mahurat Fixing Services.

Solar Months: For mixing marriage dates solar months are examined except “Chaturmas” in this period of four lunar months at that time Shri Maha Vishnu goes to sleep. Many origins publish south and north Indian marriage dates, but only solar calendars are considered for marriage dates. There should not be two types of marriage dates for lunar and solar calendars. In Hindu calendars the marriage dates are published that are valid according to the lunar and solar calendars.

Lunar Months: Solar months are considered as for fixing the marriage dates, the marriages rituals are not performed in Adhika Masam, Kshaya Masam, Chathurmasya. Mahalaya Shraddha or Pitru Paksha period is also banned for auspicious activities falling during Chathurmasya.