Are you a Pandit? Register now! is taking utmost care in Pandit selection to choose Certified Vedic Pandits to provide spiritual & divine pooja experience for the clients. Basically we choose pandit jis who completed their education from Gurukula / Veda / Smarta Patashalas. At Pandit Poojalu Services, we will create a place for pandits where they would like to showcase themselves. A pandit registration is a easy process and the registered pandits will be assigned to pooja / any other karyakramas as per the client’s community and language needs.

Fill up the Purohit/Pandit Registration Form for yourself and get even more Puja assignments at your preferred locations. We welcome Pandits/Purohits from all over India to join us.

Pandit Registration is a free of cost. Your account will be held for approval and you will be unable to find until it is approved.

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