Pandit Sachin Kumar Pandey

Pandit Name Sachin Kumar Pandey
Learned at Ayodhya Hanumangarhi
Pandit Category Veda Pandit
Years of Experience 11
Languages Known Hindi
Preferred City Kolkatta
Address 18/6/5,Ram Nagar colony, Bhatpara, Kankinara, 743126, West Bengal
Message I am a Brahmin who is performing karma-kandas,hom-yagya, sodash-sanskaras,astrology, vastushastra since 2012. I am persuing major in hindi sahitya,and also eager for competitive examinations. I have a hobby of talking about religious matters (e.g.astro,karm,bhakti,gyaan etc.)

Pandit Contact Info:

Mobile Number +918240681946
Phone Number +918420848965

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