Pandit Motikoduri Praneeth Sharma

Pandit Name Motikoduri Praneeth Sharma
Learned at Mahadev Veda Patashala
Pandit Category Smarta Pandit
Years of Experience 7
Languages Known Telugu
Preferred City Hyderabad
Address Gayatri Apts Oppsite Malikarjuna Supermarket, Sai Ram Nagar, Bandlaguda Jagir, Manikonda, Hyderabad
Message Iam Vedic purohit who got able training and gained rich experience in Vedic rituals, not only conducting ritual but also yearning to articulate the rationale and substance in it so tat people can appreciate the crux in rituals

Pandit Contact Info:

Mobile Number +919063406889
Phone Number +919441139002
Email Id