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Chandi Path – Hindi

Chandi Path – Hindi Overview:

Chandi Path – Devi Mahatmyam is also known as Durga Saptashati (Chandi Saptashati) as it contains 700 divine Sanskrit slokas. The chanting of these slokas is called Chandi Parayanam / Chandi Path which over comes difficulties, cure from diseases & fulfill wishes.

Key Insights :

  • Chandi Path vanquishes enemies and protects from harmful things.
  • Gives good health, wealth and prosperity.
  • Safeguards from evil forces & bad eyes.
  • Chandi Saptashati Parayanam Can be performed during Fridays or Astami, Navami tithis or Navratri festival days.

Our Assurance :

  • Professional & experienced Vedic Hindi Pandit for Chandi Path with Puja Material.
  • Will perform the entire ritual in Vedic Procedures & Standards.
  • Best quality Pooja Material for your auspicious event.
  • Professional Guidance & Effective Support.
  • Our Success Sutra:
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Chandi Path or Saptashati Parayanam contains 700 Shlokas which is called Chandi Saptashati dedicated to goddess Durga Mata. Kavacha, Argala, Kilaka, Moola Stotra, Rahasya Traya, which amount to 7 is also a part of Chandi Path. The Saptashati Parayana contains thirteen chapters dedicated to Mahakali, Mahalakshmi, and Mahasaraswatiin the form of Purva charitra, Madhyama Charitra & Uttama charitra. These 13 chapters collectively contain 700 Shlokas that must be recited to complete Chandi Parayanam / Chandi Homam.

The Shastras have prescribed Chandi Path / Chandi Parayana of this Durga Saptashati one, ten, hundred or thousand times known as Chandi Path, Nava-Chandi Path, Shata Chandi Path and Sahasra Chandi Path respectively for the fulfillment of various wishes.


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