Maha Lingarchana

Maha Lingarchana



Time to Perform

1.5hrs – 3hrs


Certified Pandits & Quality Materail

Maha Lingarchana Overview:

Maha Lingarchana Puja involves performing of Pooja individually to 365 deities arranged as per the abode of Lord Shiva. This is also called “Kailasa Yantra Prastaram”. Abhishekam is carried out with 11 types of items to 365 deities.

Key Insights :

  • Benefit of worshipping Lord Shiva in the form Maha Lingarchana will remove all the obstacles.
  • Maha Lingarchana is One Puja for entire year and overcome all ongoing worries and problems.
  • To fulfill the wishes & for Good Health.
  • Main deity in Maha Lingarchana is Shiva Linga. And Putta Mannu will be used to prepare the Shiva Linga / Lingarchana

Our Assurance :

  • Experienced Vedic Pandits for Maha Lingarchana with Puja Material.
  • Will perform the entire ritual in Vedic Procedures & Standards.
  • Best quality Pooja Material for your auspicious event.
  • Professional Guidance & Effective Support.
  • Our Success Sutra:
    Accurate, Assure, Authenticity.

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  1. Nagamahesh Gamidi

    Really liked the experience and the professionalism of team poojalu . They will customise the puja it as per your requirement and amazing team.

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  2. Meenakshi Dantu

    Very happy with the Services. Pandit has came on time and performed Abhisekham,Maha Lingarchana very well. We were very satisfied with the pooja.
    Thanks for sending good pandit.

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  3. Bhavana (verified owner)

    Thank you for arranging the Poojari’s fully versed Vedic Pandits
    Pooja performed very well

    Image #1 from Bhavana
    Image #2 from Bhavana
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  4. Bhavana (verified owner)

    Thank you poojalu .com for arranging the Poojari’s fully versed Vedic Pandits
    Pooja performed very well

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