Online Pitru Pujas – Pandit Side


Organize Pitru Tarpan / Pinda Shrardh Puja and many ancestor rituals using
our Online Pitru Pujas – Pandit Side feature in a simple way.

Online Pitru Puja rituals from  2,100.00  onwards

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How it works?

Due to unavoidable reasons and on this Carona Situation, came up with new idea to perform ancestors rituals Online in safe & easy way. Using our Online Pitru Pujas – Pandit Side, we are providing different language pandits like Telugu Poojaris, Tamil Vadhyars, Kannada Purohits, Hindi Pandits, Odia Bhatjis to perform the Pitru Paksha Pujas using our Online Medium. Our Professional Pandits will perform the Puja using Zoom medium.

We will organize the event using the Zoom medium and our pandits will prepared all the things related to perform the ritual. Also our pandits will perform the ritual on behalf of you with the help of one Kartha (he will perform instead of you).  For Brahmin customers, we will arrange Mantra brahmin, Bhokthas,food preparations and puja premises. You can simply join using the online medium and see entire puja, you are also allowed to invite your family members to participate in the Online Puja.